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The Wine Academy is a treasure trove of valuable information that is begging to be utilized by you, the wine lover. You can find information on winemaking, wine regions and specific types of varietals. Fro the history of wine to the nuances of sparkling wine this collection of articles on wine will help you learn all that there is to know about wine in an easy to understand format. This may not be the all-encompassing source of wine knowledge to help you pass a sommelier exam but it will give you more wine education than you ever thought possible.


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“A Wine Education Made Easy”


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The Basics on Wine:


Wine Regions Around The World


World Wine Regions – North America – United States

World Wine Regions – North America – California

World Wine Regions – North America – Mexico

World Wine Regions – North America – Canada


World Wine Regions Italy

The Wine Regions of France

World Wine Regions – Spain

Most major wine producing areas in Germany hug the country’s rivers, modifying a climate that would otherwise be too cold.

World Wine Regions of Europe

Wine Regions of Australia