Wine Regions of Europe – Luxembourg

Wine has been produced in Luxembourg continuously since Roman times. Luxembourg wine production is centered in the country’s southeast, where it is largely in the hands of cooperatives who sell the wine under the name of “Vinsmoselle”. The cooperatives operate a sparkling wine plant in Wormeldange, which produces wines under the label “Poll-Fabaire.” Müller-Thurgau (called Rivaner here) accounts for 30% of plantings, followed by Auxerrois Blanc (14%), Pinot Gris (13.7%), Riesling (12.8%), Pinot Blanca (11.0%), Elbling (9.5%), and Pinot Noir, the only red widely grown (6.8%). The single label for quality wines is Moselle Luxembourgeoise. Special wines can be awarded the designations Vin classé, Premier Cru or Grand Premier Cru, depending the vote of a tasting panel. The Crémant de Luxembourg designation is awarded for sparkling wine.