Winery Profile: Imagery Estate Winery

Imagery Estate Winery is located in Glen Ellen in the beautiful Sonoma Valley just a few miles north from the Benziger Winery Estate. The property has a scenic driveway and the entrance to the tasting room is located next to a great outdoor area with picnic tables and a Bocce ball court. The perfect place to bring the family or loved ones. Inside the winery is an attractive tasting area, a small open gift shop area with a gorgeous fireplace, and adjoining tasting rooms, one room accompanied by the Imagery Estate Winery Art Gallery. The superb artwork and presentation give a feeling of inspiration.

The tasting room is large and has a friendly atmosphere with a very accommodating staff eager to offer and describe Imagery’s fine selection of wines. They have a large selection of wines made from notable recognized varietals to special select varietals. Imagery Estate wines are certain to win favor over wine lovers, and a trip to Imagery Estate is a great wine experience.

Joe’s History of Winemaking

Joe Benziger has been making wines for many years. His passion for winemaking shows in the wines he produces which are unique and wonderful. Joe’s love for winemaking also led him to seek out new varietals not common to his typical wiwinemakingJoe was determined to make this a reality and the release of his new Barbera changed everything. Joe’s Barbera was such a hit, it inspired him to create other less-known varietals, and so, Imagery was born.

New varietals like Albarinio, Tempranillo, Lagrein, Teroldego, and Tannat are just a few of the unique varietals Joe introduced in his collection of artisan wines. These distinct varietals come from regions in Spain and Northern Italy and have characteristics that vary from traditional varietals. Joe began experimenting with these different varietals and also created some outstanding blends to compliment his assemblage of great wines for the Imagery collection. The Pallas Estate Grown Red is a magnificent red blend that is well balanced with soft tannins and great fruit. The Imagery White Burgundy is another blend that has light fruit and tropical flavors that are very appealing to the palate. Joe has created a library of true one of a kind wines that are exceptional and very enjoyable to taste.

Another reason Joe’s Imagery Estate wines are so unique and exceptional is because the grapes are grown in select vineyard locations with the right soil and climate. The growing conditions that are used in Joe’s wines are very similar to the regions that his varietals are originally grown, and seem to do very well in their planted locations. The upper ridge of Pine Mountain is a relatively high elevation and seems to be a great setting for some of the select varietals. Sunny Slope located along the backside of Imagery Winery is another prime location for select varietals used in Joe’s wines. The soil, climate and prime locations are conveyed in the characteristics of his wines.

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Imagery Estate Winery has something very special that signifies its beauty and expression in the form of art. Talented artist from around the world have the honor of presenting their fine art to be displayed at the Imagery Estate Winery’s art gallery. Certain chosen art is selected to be placed on wine labels for Joe’s exclusive wines. The Imagery Estate Winery Art Program is overseen by Bob Nugent, a highly recognized Artist living in California. Bob is well known for his work around the world and has been involved in hundreds of exhibitions including over 100 of his own. Bob and Joe have worked together to bring bottle and wine to another level. The labels for Joe’s wine are breathtaking and a fine compliment to the branding of Imagery Estate Wines.



Imagery Estate Wines are outstanding and should be experienced. The marriage of great wine and beautiful labels add to the whole wine experience at Imagery Estate Winery.




Some of our favorites are:


2013 Imagery White Burgundy- Gold Medal North Coast Blend

This delicious crisp and refreshing wine is made of Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Meunier. The light fruit accents and tropical fruit flavors of mango, green apple, orange and pear are stimulating to the palate. This was a great wine to start off with as it was very impressionable and left us wanting more.

Artist- Chester Arnold



2014 Imagery Albarino

Albarino is the most popular white wine in Spain and thrives best in a cooler climate. The flavorful fresh fruit characteristics of citrus, apples and peaches make this wine very enjoyable. We were impressed with the flavor profiles in this new vintage.

Label Artist- Frances McCormack



2013 Imagery Grenache- Upper Ridge Pine Mountain/ Cloverdale Peak

This fantastic wine has dark fruit characteristics and white pepper spices, with aromas of black cherry, ripe plum, and black currant. The smooth taste of this wine leaves your mouth with a remarkable finish.

Label Artist- Tony Speirs



2013 Imagery Tusca Brava- Super Tuscan Style Red Blend

This wonderful collection of varietals contain flavors of cherry, red strawberry, and red plum that satisfy the palate and release fruitful notes throughout the mouth. The lush rich tannins are smooth and profound. A perfect blend of Sangiovese 45%, Cabernet Sauvignon 21%, Merlot 16%, Cabernet Franc 13%, and Malbec 5%.

Label Artist- Cornelia Schulz



2012 Imagery Tannat – Upper Ridge Pine Mountain/ Cloverdale Peak

This is a bold full bodied wine with intense tannins accompanied by dark fresh fruit which give it astonishing qualities. A hint of clove add to the flavor profile and make it really pleasurable. The unique flavor combination of this wine is very agreeable and one of a kind.

Label Artist- Robin McCauley


2012 Imagery Lagrein – Upper Ridge Pine Mountain/ Cloverdale Peak

This unique wine varietal is native to the Trentino-Alto Adige region in Northern Italy.  Lagrein is one of those rare varietals that is uncommon in most regions. Imagery Lagrein is full of fresh rich fruit including blueberry, plum, and black cherry. The distinct fruit characteristics are evident and leave your mouth with a gratifying feeling. We took great pleasure in having the opportunity to experience this exceptional wine.

Label Artist- Andrew Saftel



2012 Imagery Teroldego – Upper Ridge Pine Mountain/ Cloverdale Peak

Another classic varietal found in the Adige region of Northern Italy is Teroldego. Imagery Teroldego is a full body red with soft tannins and fruitful characteristics. Dark fruit highlighted with blueberry give this wine its unique flavors and aroma with a hint of sandalwood. We really enjoyed this wine and the brilliant profiles make it outstanding.

Label Artist- Steven Sorman

2013 Imagery Barbera – Double Gold Medal Upper Ridge Pine Mountain/ Cloverdale Peak

This wonderful smooth wine is full of fresh dark fruit like boysenberry, black cherry, dried strawberry complimented with licorice and nutmeg. Sweet oak and vanilla aromas dominate this delicious full bodied wine. Winemaker Joe Benziger prides himself with this prominent varietal and it shows in this incredible award winning wine.

Label Artist- Dennis O’Leary

2012 Imagery Pallas Estate Red Blend- Gold Medal Estate Grown

Aromas of bright fruit lead to wonderful flavors of blackberry, plum, and a heavily integrated oak spice. Mature tannins attribute to a smooth finish. This gold medal winner estate red blend is made from Cabernet Sauvignon 53%, Malbec 28%, Merlot 15%, and Cabernet Franc 4%. This is an incredible vintage and we enjoyed the remarkable flavor aspects of this wine.

Label Artist- Era and Don Farnsworth

Whether a wine enthusiast or lover of fine art, Imagery Estate Winery will fulfill that thirst for knowledge. So why not enjoy two great desires and visit the Imagery Estate Winery?


Tasting Room Hours: Monday- Friday 10:00am – 4:30pm Saturday- Sunday 10:00am- 5:30pm

Address: 14335 Hwy 12 Glen Ellen, CA 95442

Phone: Toll Free 800-989-8890 Direct 707-935-4515




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