Spa Day for Less in Las Vegas

By Zeke Quezada
Heading to the spa is not usually one of those phrases you utter when working with a thin vacation budget. Some things like personal pampering get lost in the cost of airfare and accommodations, not to mention having to feed yourself while on a budget vacation. That should only be partially true when traveling to Las Vegas as the number of world-class spas means that the healthy competition helps the price of admission. You’ll find that a day pass gets you a lot more than a hot tub and shower.
These two spas are among the best in Las Vegas and the amenities that come with a day use pass are worth spending $40 on when you think about how long a day of relaxing will go to making you feel so good about eating and drinking all night.
Canyon Ranch Spa at Venetian and Palazzo
It is hard to top this spa just because of its sheer size, but this is not just about quantity. The quality of this spa experience is about as good as you can get anywhere. That’s right, not only in Las Vegas, but anywhere.   They have an expansive fitness center but for now, let’s not talk about having to work out. Do you want to go on vacation and work hard? , Ok, maybe you do, but let’s focus on relaxation. When you purchase a SpaClub Day Passport at Canyon Ranch Las Vegas, you get access to the Aquavana thermal environments as well as daily fitness classes and wellness presentations. So, what does that mean? Imagine spending a day moving from hot to cold climates that work on relaxing and rejuvenating your muscles. From the Crystal Steam Room where your pores will feel liberated to the Herbal Laconium where the humidity cleanses your systems of toxins, the options for relaxation are numerous. You must try the experiential rains where a tropical shower is accented by crisp fog and a Caribbean storm. While those rooms are all the same sex environment, the Aquavana also includes three co-ed environments to allow you to share in the relaxation with your significant other. The wave room, the salt grotto and the conservatory each deliver stimulation and calming settings that help your overall wellness.
Day Pass Price: $40 day pass includes fitness classes. Hotel guests may or may not have this included in their price. (Spa treatments are also available, but their prices are often very cost prohibitive. In other words, they are crazy expensive!)
The Shio Salt Room is that one spot on the Las Vegas strip where I can step in and turn off the brain for a long time and not feel guilty. Vacations should be about resetting the body, and this spot is easily one that you should consider. Sit down in the room lined with salt blocks and listen to the music or read a trashy magazine. This is the epitome of a spa day. You’ll need a relaxing stint on the Ganbanyoku beds, Allow your back to feel the warmth of the stone and relieve the pressure on your back as your body becomes one with the rock. Initially, the warm rock feels uncomfortable, but soon your muscles release their tension and that stress-filled arch in your back collapses under the weight of relaxation. Forget therapy, this is what you need to rid yourself of your worries. You will also have access to the Therapy Pool and while it is co-ed if you get lucky you’ll be out there all by yourself relaxing with a view of the property. This space is perfect for lounging without the hectic pool scene down below.
Day Pass Price: $40 non-hotel guests, $30 for guests of Aria and Vdara hotel (Plenty of effective spa treatments are available but the price of most, are well over $100 per treatment.)