Craving Gin? Order a Gibson

A long sip on my drink leaves me with a sense of being refreshed. It’s deceiving. A classic cocktail that should be reserved for a special moment should not make me think of warm afternoons by the pool. But, the Gibson does it.

When you crave a gin cocktail you should imbibe on a cocktail that lacks pretense and has more style than a late afternoon really deserves. You should have a Gibson. Ordering a Gibson feels stylish and elitist but only because it is misunderstood. You see anyone can order a dry martini and sit at the bar snacking on an olive. The Gibson asks a little bit more from you. It demands that you keep your garnish in the glass. It allows you to snack but it questions if you should really be eating an onion. Yes, you can eat the onion but are you really trying to balance out the flavor of the gin or are you just hungry?

While the Martini is a classic in the way that Corvettes once maid it into the mainstream, The Gibson is an Alfa Romeo. The Gibson with its gin and a hint of vermouth is a consolidation of your senses. The cocktail onion will add a bit of that savory component to your drink while it streamlines your swagger when it comes to cocktails. Sometimes you just need a drink that is not trying too hard but at the same time say a bit more about how you feel about a great cocktail.

Recipe: The Gibson 

  • 4 parts Gin
  • 1 part Vermouth
  • Cocktail for garnish

Shake or stir


Drop in the onion

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