Take Your Husband To Las Vegas

You know you have been trying to think of that perfect gift for your husband and you are torn between something he already has and something that he will never use. Well, why not take him to Las Vegas and this way you get to have some fun while acting like you were thinking of him? You could use a spa day, right?

Is this the best gift you can ever give your significant other? Yes, because the two of you can walk down the Las Vegas strip, enjoy a few Las Vegas shows, eat at a few great Las Vegas restaurants and then dance the night away in a Las Vegas nightclub.

Nothing says love like “Viva Las Vegas!”


Sky Combat Ace Las Vegas

Yes, it is very wise to put a man on an airplane and allow him to tumble through the air. I guarantee that if you take your husband to the Sky Combat Ace hangar and he flies an airplane you will be able to get anything you want for a prolonged period of time. The pilots give each customer a personal lesson on how to handle these airplanes and they show them everything they need to know to try a few tricks high up in the sky. It is exhilarating and as adrenaline pumping as you can get.


Golf at TopGolf Las Vegas

Even though it seems like you are taking your man to a glorified driving range you will soon discover that you like this place far better than he does. The cocktails are well crafted, the food is well thought out and varied and the atmosphere is very Vegas. In fact, there are VIP booths if you need them, two pools and plenty of bars and lounge areas to make you forget that you are there to hit a few golf balls. When you start playing golf you understand that this is a lot more about friendly games among friends and a life-sized video game arena for people who want to have fun.




Absinthe Las Vegas at Caesars Palace

This is the show that both of you will love but the crude humor will show him that you have a sense of humor when it comes to adult topics. He might have a little too much fun but there is no rule against that and it just means that you might want to push the envelope as well. Zumanity at New York-New York does a very similar adult show as well.


Zipline Down Fremont Street

Does your significant other often feel like Superman? You can have him zip along Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas on SlotZilla. This zipline has customers racing high above the crowd. If you are so inclined you can choose the longer zipline and you’ll do the flight in superman stance.


Beer Tasting at Public House Venetian

If your husband is on the craft beer craze this is the spot to sit him down to get a lesson. He will get a lesson in good beer and he will be blown away by the massive selection and the knowledgeable people serving the beers. The food is worthy of a visit as well. When you are done go next door to Delmonico’s and start sampling their endless whiskey collection. Make sure to hydrate, this could get ugly.


Richard Petty Driving Experience at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Does your husband feel the need for speed? The Richard Petty Driving Experience is probably a good spot for him to unleash his inner race car driver while testing out his mettle in a NASCAR. He will drive fast and learn a thing or two about how well a car can handle on a racetrack. Make sure to drive him back to the hotel, he might have a lead foot for sometime after his experience.


Watch the Vegas Golden Knights at T-Mobile Arena

Hockey is going well in Las Vegas and catching a Vegas Golden Knights game will have you cheering on your new favorite team. The atmosphere in the arena is electric and the pre-game festivities in Toshiba Plaza and The Park Las Vegas will get you to the game early and have you sticking well after the horn sounds to end the game.


Go to a Wine Wonderland at Aureole at Mandalay Bay

Wine Angels. Wine Tour. Endless Bottles. Thie wine collection at Aureole is legendary and the food coming out from Executive Chef Johnny Church is palate altering. All you need to do is find a spot in the lounge and start dreaming about what bottle you want your angel to bring down for you.