Choosing Hawaii. The Island Getaway To Oahu

Palm trees, beaches, and sunsets appear to be challenging to disregard when choosing a Hawaiian get-away, yet how can you settle on the choice about which Island to visit?
Well, why not start by finding out a tiny bit about one island and then moving on from there. Why not consider Oahu as your Hawaii destination?

The Hawaiian postcard typically shows a volcano in the distance and palm-lined beaches in the foreground. That is the vision of Waikiki beach and the mystique of Oahu.
Waikiki is quintessential Hawaii for the first time visitor and the spot that so many pick as their first Hawaiian experience. Oahu is home to famous beaches, both luxury and budget hotels and a real city in the form of Honolulu. Grab a surfboard and discover your inner beach bum in Hawaii.

Diamond Head – One of the best free things to do on Oahu is a hike up Diamond Head. The walk to this dormant volcano is scenic and strenuous, but you’ll see kids and grandparents on the trail so don’t be alarmed. The views of Waikiki and the island are breathtaking, and you might even catch a whiff of some lingering volcanic activity from the crater.

Matsumoto Shave Ice and a View of the North Shore – Head over to Haleiwa and get a taste of North Show Hawaii. Sure, Matsumoto’s has become a tourist destination, but it still retains plenty of the charm that drew people here in the first place. If you head over in the big wave months prepare yourself for crowds and a massive display of what Mother Nature can do on the ocean. Surf competitions are held on the nearby beaches and when the water is big, you can expect quite a display from mother earth.

Tour the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor – The events that drew the USA into World War II are on display in this memorial to the soldiers that lost their lives on December 7, 1941. This memorial is free to the public but does require a ticket. The World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument is open daily in Pearl Harbor.

Waikiki Beach – You might be a bit disappointed with the crowds, but once you get out into the warm water and look across the skyline, you’ll feel a sense of the Hawaii of your dreams. The energy in this area is a mixture of tourism and commerce so take it all in and then head to beaches on the other side of the island that will give you more tranquility.

Cheap Food On Oahu – You will not have a difficult time finding good, cheap foods on Oahu simply because it is a big city on a tiny Island. Try to avoid the fast food and instead look for some good local food. You have to try a Zippy’s, simple fast food with a Hawaiian twist and you can find one near your hotel in Waikiki. If you want to stuff your hotel room with snacks, head into a Foodland, and you’ll find inexpensive Ahi Poke’ as well as plenty of Hawaiian specific food items that will help you cut costs on your vacation’s food budget.