10 Wineries You Should Visit in Wine Country

As you think about where you want to venture for an afternoon of wine tasting and circuitous conversation that leads to food and laughter and even more wine, we figured we should give you a few ideas. Wine tasting is not just about the wine but about the experience. I often tell people, “Don’t just tell me about the wine you had, tell me about who you had the wine with.” After all, isn’t the fun of wine tasting founded in the conversations you have as the grapes fill your palate with joy?

What are you waiting for, go taste some wine!


Wine Lover’s Resources

Check out these wineries and what we have said about the experience in their tasting rooms:

Spoto Family Wines
“Spoto Family Wines is a private home based winery in the Sacramento region and was officially bonded in 2004. Spoto wines are produced and bottled right from their home winery which make them specialized and unique. Spoto Family Winery is the first residential bonded winery in Sacramento County. The Spoto family takes great pride in their wines and their wine-making, making sure that every aspect of the wine making process is done with love and perfection.” 

Imagery Estate Winery
“The tasting room is large and has a friendly atmosphere with a very accommodating staff eager to offer and describe Imagery’s fine selection of wines. They have a large selection of wines made from notable recognized varietals to special select varietals. Imagery Estate wines are certain to win favor over wine lovers, and a trip to Imagery Estate is a great wine experience.”

Benziger Family Winery
“The Benziger property is truly one of a kind and over the course of more than 3 decades has cultivated into the perfect marriage of ecology and wine growing. The property is certified as an official biodynamic farm which adds to the richness and instinctive quality that makes them a successful wine producer.”

Mayo Family Winery Reserve Room
“The Mayo Family Winery was founded in 1990 by Henry and Diane Mayo along with their son Jeffrey. The Mayo Family continue to focus on their original concept to grow quality grapes, make small lot wines from single vineyards, with an emphasis on the ideal soil and climate. This methodology is exactly what Mayo Family Vineyards applies to their wine making, which allows them to produce their unique and distinctive wines. The Mayo Family Winery currently produces over 20 Varietals allowing them to offer an abundant selection of exclusive wines.”

Robert Biale Vineyards
“A little history of the Biale family. Aldo Biale father to Robert Biale, started farming at a very young age, and helped his mother maintain their farm in the early 1900’s after the loss of Aldo’s father from a tragic accident. Aldo and his mother, produced fruits, nuts and vegetables along with Zinfandel grapes. They also raised hundreds of chickens and sold eggs as a source of income. Aldo continued growing and selling throughout the years and in 1991 with his son Robert, began a joint venture with co-worker/ Winemaker Al Perry and longtime friend Dave Pramuk. Dave has experience in sales and public relations, and plays a key role in the Biale’s success. This led to the Robert Biale Family Vineyards winemaking future. In 2004, the Robert Biale Family Vineyard completed construction of their new winery and was occupied in 2005.”

Madrone Vineyards Estate
“Madrone Vineyards Estate wines are created from the original Sonoma vineyard grapes and produced by Proprietor Tony Stewart and Winemaker David Marchesi. Each varietal is picked from a select vineyard block designated by Tony Stewart. The estate wines include Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Estate Old Vine Zinfandel, Estate Sangiovese, Estate Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, and the celebrated “The Bough” named after the century year old Estate Tree located next to the Winery. We were told that this tree was over 400 years old, which fascinated us.”

Signorello Estate
“As we approached the Estate we were fascinated by the beauty of the hillside with green plush vineyards. The day was beautiful and the steep landscape in contrast with the blue sky gave a feeling of captivation. We were greeted by Ambassador/ Certified Sommelier Ronald Plunkett who was quite debonair to say the least. His warmth and charm was inviting and made us feel very welcomed. We were led to the main courtyard and seated next to an infinity pool, with breathtaking views of the Napa Valley which overlooking enchanting vineyards.”

Boekenoogen Winery
“The tasting room has a cozy almost Tuscan or Mediterranean consistency to the atmosphere, which not only helps you immerse in the surroundings and the Boekenoogen tone and family invitation, but also add to the translation of the terroir, the grapes that come off the family ranch and rest behind the bar in bottle for you to taste.  The patio area is just like that garden you always wished you had when at a lunch, and feel free to bring a some sandwiches or snacks, and order wine by the glass, stay a while and take everything in.”

Castello di Amorosa
“I have seen a lot of pictures and architectural praising’s of Castello di Amorosa; however, is the wine any good?   I have read articles about the Napa Valley Castle and Dario Sattui “The Mad King”, but could never find too much about the wine itself.  That being said I figured the “Castle” was just a gimmick to attract tourist and was probably not a place for serious wine enthusiasts.  Most articles I had read in the past have always focused on the grandeur of the property and that it is a wonderland for kids.  That’s all nice and dandy, but how is the wine?”

Pride Mountain Vineyards
“Drive up Calistoga, then right on St. Helena Road, and about 6 miles later you find Spring Mountain Road, home to Pride Mountain Vineyards.  If you want a spot that’s not just captivating in scenery, and brilliant in its wine repertoire, but remarkably beautiful, then this would be your space.  Everything about Pride invites the wine lover, or anyone wanting to see and experience something different than the usual tourist lure.  And the wines… oh the wines: bold expressive mountain fruit, that convinces anyone of its truest aim and voice.  These are the wines that establish not only their own genre, but pace and history…”