Wanderlust: Bologna, Italy

By Mike Hiller

Guest Contributor, Mike Hiller of EscapeHatchDallas recently spent his time drinking good wine and eating comfortable Italian food in Bologna so we asked him to share some images of his trip.

If you have ever wanted to visit this part of Italy you might want to check the account balance on your bank account because this is going to make you want buy a ticket and ready your palate for some fine Italian living.

“If God is in the details, He’s surely here. Tiny tile mosaics of glass, gold and jewels sparkle in this 1500-year-old Roman cathedral in Ravenna, Italy, on the Adriatic coast.”

Alleyway in Bolgna
“I love dinner in the watercolored alleyways of Bologna where supper begins late and concludes even later. “

Two Plates and a Bottle of Wine
“Handmade lunch in Modena, Italy.”

The Market
“Cherry season has begun in Italy. I adore the sweet, slightly tart, deliciously juicy Duroni cherries from Vignola in Emilia-Romagna.  At this vegetable stand in Modena, spring is in full season.”

Gelato Maker
“Artisanal gelato in Ravenna is as brightly colord as the local landscape.”

Alley Art in Ravena
“Exploring one of the many playful back alleys in Centro Ravenna is a must on a visit to Bologna”

Plate and Wine
“Tortellini e ragu at Zerocinquantino in Bologna, Italy.”

Ferrari Museum
“For car nuts, the Ferrari museum is an essential stop in Modena.”

“The Vineyards of Romagna”

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Michael Hiller is a Dallas-based travel journalist who writes about food, wine, chefs, restaurants, hotels and golf resorts all over the globe.. A former restaurant critic for the Dallas Morning News and Modern Luxury Magazine and lead travel writer for AvidGolfer Magazine, Hiller travels the world with a healthy appetite and his seven iron. He writes for more than a dozen publications and edits EscapeHatchDallas.com.