Hotel Spotlight: Palazzo Las Vegas

When you walk out of Carlo’s Bake Shop with a box full of pastries you’ll wonder how you can find the space to put away more calories. A visit to Venetian and Palazzo Las Vegas is a journey into a non-stop food fest while at the same time a pause for relaxation. It’s lavish yet subtle, you are catered to, but comfortable.  If you just had one day at the Venetian and Palazzo Las Vegas I bet you could find a way to spend your time.

You have arrived! You’ll walk right past the check-in lobby at Palazzo and walk toward the guest elevators. When you get to the Prestige Level they’ll handle the little details as you sip on a glass of bubbles. If you are going away for the weekend you might as well start the trip off well. Don’t get too comfortable when you see the spacious lounge that is all yours while you’re a guest on the Prestige Level at Palazzo. The suites are quite similar at Venetian and Palazzo so consider choosing one over the other as just selecting one tower over the other for the sake of convenience. Palazzo feels a bit more like a boutique experience, although it is not small at all, while The Venetian and its magnificent lobby feels like a journey into an art gallery that happens to house a few thousand hotel rooms.


Once inside the room, you will be tempted to strip down and fill that enormous bathtub with sudsy water and bring on the relaxation but you need to kick start this Vegas vacation. Your first stop is Delmonico Steakhouse but you won’t be having any beef for lunch. You could.  It’s great. But, you won’t. You’ll order the fried chicken that is just available at lunch. You’ll sit at the bar. You’ll have the bartender talk to you about whiskey. You’ll have her make you a drink. Las Vegas makes a good first impression.


Take a walk around the Grand Canal Shoppes for some window shopping. Step into the new Martin & MacArthur straight from Honolulu, this shop specializes in unique items made from Koa wood or look for accessories at Tory Burch where you walk in with a wandering sense of style and you walk out with direction. While you are there get a little romantic with a gondola ride through the shops. Your gondolier will serenade you as you float through the indoor canal.

Your night in Las Vegas should start in a casual environment surrounded by fabulous comfortable Italian food.  Load up on Grandma’s Meatballs at Buddy V’s before some bucatini carbonara or the very comforting Valastro Sunday Gravy. Couple the meal with some red wine and you’ll be more than satisfied when you enter the showroom and take your seat for BAZ – Start Crossed Love. The show is set in today but rooted in the screenwriting of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby. It’s dance, it’s music, it’s theater and it is romance on the Las Vegas strip.

Day complete! Now go soak in the tub.


If You Had a Second Day at The Venetian And Palazzo Las Vegas

  • Your second day in Las Vegas would begin with breakfast at Bouchon at Venetian Las Vegas. Chef Thomas Keller does breakfast precisely as it should be done. Not much pretense but excellent execution. Your breakfast will set the tone for your visit to Canyon Ranch Spa where you’ll soak in hot water, steam in the sauna and then relax in a treatment room at one of the best spas in Las Vegas. Take full advantage of the Aquavana thermal environments that include a hydro spa, a finish sauna, and experiential rains.
  • A late lunch at Yardbird Southern Table and Bar would mean you would not share their chicken and waffles.
  • Dessert as a meal at Carlo’s Bake Shop would have to be part of an expanded itinerary. You cannot just order one so prepare for a long visit.
  • Big red wines, bourbon and beef and plenty of big flavors are what Delmonico’s will deliver.
  • If you have the energy for a night of dancing, drinking and flat out “Vegas Behavior” well then look no farther than TAO Nightclub. This is still a mega club that is relevant on the Las Vegas strip. If you want a huge party, they have it for you.