Hotel Spotlight: Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

There is a reason why the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is at the top of your list. When you decide on a Las Vegas hotel you might be thinking about location or amenities or even the prospect of a comfortable bed. What you really should be considering is the fun factor, the sexy quota and the possibilities of misbehaving. The Cosmopolitan Resort has plenty of that and a little more.

There is no real way to describe what happens when you check into The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Your experience will be different from the next person and different from my own. You will slowly up your cool factor. People will look at you differently after you share photos of you behaving badly at Cosmopolitan even if you barely did anything remotely risky. That is the beauty of The Cosmopolitan and of Las Vegas. It promotes your bad behavior and frankly, why shouldn’t you be promoting yourself?


DRINK. So you think you’re ready to go to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas? Fair enough. You make sure to have some drinks at the Vesper Lounge because the moment you check in you’ll see this sleek bar right next to the lobby and it will beg you to give it some attention. Sit at the bar with the people crafting the drinks and you can be sure that you’ll start your trip off right. At some point in your Cosmopolitan Las Vegas adventure, you’ll need to have a few more drinks and that’s when you’ll head to Chandelier Bar. Find level one and a half and get a glimpse of what experiencing a cocktail is all about. They’re famous for the Verbena, (not on the menu) but look at their cocktail menu and you’ll be able to experience a drink like never before.



EAT.  The view from the dining room at Chef Scott Conant’s Scarpetta is worth a meal alone but a seat at the bar with a glass of red wine and a bowl of spaghetti will knock your socks off.  If you need a casual meal, Momofuku is all but comfort in big bowls of ramen but check out China Poblano for a foray into Chinese and Mexican food in a mash-up that is separate yet the same. Holsteins serves up burgers and beers in a casual environment and secret pizza is right for a quick slice when you don’t want to fret about a full meal. The best deal in town resides at Estiatorio Milos. Go in at lunch and you will be treated to a serving of bliss.



RELAX.  Don’t worry about jumping into the deep end at the Blvd. Pool because you’ll be busy making new friends.  Mingle, chat, dip and then go back to mingling. The views of the strip from this pool deck are almost as good as the view of those people around you. If you need to dial it back a bit, the Bamboo Pool is about finding the right spot for relaxation and rejuvenation. If you need to rev it up then you hit the Marquee Dayclub for a full-blown pool party.



WATCH. The most important things to remember about the Cosmopolitan are the rooms are spacious and the views are as good as they get.  You should spend time on the terrace, that’s right these rooms have terraces that overlook the Las Vegas strip.  Ask for a view of Bellagio Las Vegas and you’ll be watching the fountains from way up above and making all of your friends jealous of your Las Vegas vacation.