Hotel Spotlight: Aria Las Vegas

Your Las Vegas vacation at Aria Resort cannot just be about late night gambling sessions and cocktails at a nightclub. You have to diversify. Ease into some relaxation at the spa and pander to your palate with a great meal.  Service your soul with a day at the pool and then soak up the fun with some shopping or a show. Las Vegas has so much more than you know.

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Sleep. Making Aria Resort the command center for your Las Vegas vacation allows you flexibility when it comes to how you want to circulate up and down the strip. However, don’t overlook the relaxation factor. The Aria Sky Suites will cater to your soul. From the private lobby to the customer service that includes coffee in the morning and cocktails in the evening, Aria Sky Suites cover all of your required bases. Once you step into your room you’ll be dazzled by sweeping views of Las Vegas from the floor to ceiling windows as well as spacious living and seating areas. If you had a restroom this big at home you might not ever travel. The suite life is good and you can be sure that the check mark next to relaxation will get checked on your Las Vegas vacation.


Eat. There is no shortage of excellent choices for food at Aria Resort. In fact, you could never leave the resort and your entire Las Vegas vacation would be filled with memorable meals. However, if you must choose a special meal that will stand out in your memory, it would be Bardot Brasserie. You’ll start with a drink at the bar because something so stunning should be paid its due respect. Cocktails or wine work at this point in your evening as you soon will be delighted by a series of choices that highlight the Vegas French experience. Choose a caviar parfait or salmon tartare. Don’t overlook the charcuterie and make sure to ponder the idea of escargot.  You’ll need bone marrow and some of their duck wings. If you are still hungry end the night with a dry-aged ribeye.

Dance. Jewel nightclub has opened in the former space that housed HAZE. The VIP level is good for mingling with your fancy friends but the dance floor is where the energy is. The club is a bit more intimate than most in Las Vegas so you’ll feel like the energy is literally moving your body. Get there early because if you decide to wait too long to make your entrance the party will have started without you. So, yes, lines do get long the later the evening gets.

Relax. The Ganbanyoku beds will relax your body and the shio salt room will rejuvenate your soul but a long hand, foot, and scalp massage will make you smile for the rest of your Las Vegas vacation. The essential parts of your body can be put on hold as a therapist gently works her fingers into your scalp and slowly picks away the stress. Your hands are rubbed until your fingertips feel like they could fall off and your feet are catered to much like a king would require. When you need relaxation don’t waste your time with a thigh massage have them go straight for your fun parts.