Cocktails at DJT Lounge Las Vegas

By Zeke Quezada

Find a room in Las Vegas that gives you as much as DJT Lounge at Trump Las Vegas and you can be sure that you will have very little reason to leave. Afternoon meeting, perfect. Morning coffee, yes, that works as well. The nightcap, check. Dinner with friends, already planning it. Cocktails and conversation, well, I’m glad you asked.

I sat down at the bar at DJT Lounge and put aside my politics and embraced my love for a well crafted cocktail. In that moment I really uncovered a truly hidden gem in Las Vegas.

By the time I ordered a second drink I was already discussing the Watermelon Basil and how it made me feel like a young father walking around The Los Angeles Zoo seeking out their famed Watermelon juice. The summer flavor of watermelon with a crisp vodka filling and the aromatic loveliness of fresh basil. Summer in a simple cocktail that made me wonder why I would ever leave the lounge. You’ll order one and soon want another.

Well, just as quickly as I became enamored with my first cocktail the next one arrived and in that moment I was done for the day. Relaxed. Pleased. Satisfied and content. The Spa in a Glass (I may or may not have inspired the name) somehow managed to refresh my senses and cure all of my ills. Yes, that could be problematic but if you just so happen to be in Vegas and you just so happen to be at a bar why not go the extra distance to soothe your soul?

The lounge at Trump International is set just off the lobby and as much it looks like an upscale café it also feels like a friendly bar. Well, a bar that just so happens to be working on a mixology program that is tinkering with liquor infusions and the art of pairing a great cocktail with the seasons and the creative cuisine at DJT, the restaurant at Trump International Las Vegas.

The Mixology team of Antonio Olvera and Andrew Almanza are working on infusions that range from a week to a month of soaking and aging liquor from ingredients that range from fresh pineapple and habanero chili peppers with Vodka to cucumber and dill with gin. The infusions are in constant flux and the flavors continue to evolve as the infusions take hold. Mix that with an inventive cocktail program and you have the recipe for some memorable drinks.

The Drinks That You Should Be Considering at DJT Lounge At Trump Las Vegas:

  • Watermelon Basil: Ciroc Red Berry vodka with a watermelon-basil shrub and fresh pineapple and orange juice.
  • Spa in a Glass: Gin, egg white, muddled cucumber, house-made honeydew melon syrup, lime juice topped with a dusting of cracked pepper and epazote seasoning.
  • American Harvest Blackberry Mule – American Harvest Organic Vodka infused with fresh raspberries, Domain de Canton, and freshly squeezed lime is topped with Fever Tree Ginger Beer and garnished with mint and lime.


Also, each and every day someone behind the bar is working on a new sensational drink that will captivate your palate. Ask the bartender what he or she is working on and stretch your own boundaries. You’ll be surprised by how easily it is to lose your loyalty for your old favorites and how embracing the new really is the way to go.


DJT Lounge

Trump Las Vegas Hotel

Just off the strip across the street from the Fashion Show Mall and in front of Wynn Las Vegas