Fun Facts About Wine: What is a Nebbiolo?

By Zeke Quezada

What Do Those Names Mean?

Did you know that the great grape from the Piedmont region of Italy is named after fog?

Nebbia mean fog (in Piemontese) and Nebbiolo is the grape that is found in Barolo and Barbaresco. Both of those wines are 100% Nebbiolo and ar named based on where they grow. Barolo is a bit more expensive and requires more patience while Barbaresco is typically a bit more budget friendly 100% Nebbiolo wine. Other Nebbiolo wine include Langhe Nebbiolo (85%) Ghemme (75%) Gattinara (90%) as well as Carema, Fara, Boca, Sizzano and Roero. All of these are named after places in Italy.

In case you were wondering what Piemonte means, well look to the geography of Northern Italy and Alps that dominate the landscape. At the foot of these mountains you can find Piemonte. Yes, it means “at the foot of the mountains” in Latin, ad pedem montium. Also, about a million people speak Piedmontese which is a language with roots in both French and Italian.

The Nebbiolo Wines





  • Produttori del Barbaresco
  • Albino Rocca
  • Cacina delle Rose


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California Nebbiolo

It is important to understand that a California Nebbiolo is at the infancy of its research arc. In other words, these grapes are still trying to be worked out to produce exquisite wines. Some of these are good but time will only improve the ability of wine makers in California to improve on this finicky grape.


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